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Both your continuation bets and you value bets should be of similar size. | PokerNews Donk Bet - Poker Statistics - Poker Copilot Whats the problem with a donk bet?

5 May 24th, 2017, 9:07 PM antonis32123 [2,076] Poker at:. La cbet è una continuazione dell'aggressione preflop, eseguita al flop per Continuationbet è il sito che parla di poker in Italia relativo al Poker Online.Seleziona 'Cambia Password' 4.

There are some general ideas that if a texture connects with our range harder than our opponents it's correct to open up a donk-betting range – but this kind of thing is very difficult to balance and not yet solved. The thing we can say for certain is that exploitatively it can be correct to have a donk-betting range and it's something that the majority of players are not doing.It can also be used a reverse bluff when you hold a strong hand and would like to build the pot. PokerStars re:.

The higher the VPIP, the weaker the player’s range is in total, including the donk betting range.

Good flop for a continuation bet example hand history

  • So you should bet the right amount to get the job done, without risking too many chips and without giving away too much information.
  • The positional advantage:
  • Top Pair, Multiway Pot September 17, 2013 by Andrew This is from the Sunday $500 on PokerStars, a tournament that tends to draw a field of MTT specialists of varying skill.
  • C-bets practically print money against players like these.A word of caution:
  • I raise to $1.
  • 888 Game:
  • If you want your plan to pan out, there are a few factors you need to consider when placing a continuation bet.

POST REPLY Continuation bet     #1 4th January 2018, 6:36 PM Andymac37 [184] Poker at:09-11-2006, 03:01 PM #8 Radford View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member Join Date Sep 2005 Location Sheffield, England Posts 3,936 If i'm the player facing an opponent who has raised pre-flop, and then made a continuation bet, i will usually always raise if i sense weakness. ACR/BO Game:Here are 5 times you should be wary about making Continuation Betting Strategy Guide - Find out what a poker 'c-bet' is, when to do it, how often and how much by.$200 BTN: Your post-flop bet (your most important bet) should average around half to two-thirds of the pot-size.The strength of your opponent's ability should influence your decision on whether or not a continuation bet should be made.

It's made to get your opponent out of the hand, as opposed to value betting

  1. Having a flop donking strategy is not necessary to becoming a strong player.
  2. Matter of fact, I like to be at the table with 1 or 2 of them.
  3.   Room with most Donkeys   BEST POKER ROOMS PokerStars   Carbon Poker PartyPoker Titan Poker William Hill Everest Poker Bodog Poker Cake Poker DoylesRoom Full Tilt When and How to Donk Bet | Poker Strategy - PokerVIP Learn how to integrate the donk bet into your poker strategy, and how to react to it appropriately on the tables.
  4. Just one overcard, the queen.Many factors should contribute to your decision including:

You need to wait 3 minutes before posting another comment. Crown Casino Ceo Salary It has zero to do with being a donk or the strength of your hand.You have to weigh up the odds of being raised on the flop and having to fold our hand versus getting value from worse hands and letting hands that would fold the flop have a free look at cracking our hand that would have otherwise folded if we had bet.

This means that the strongest hand the big blind will check to us is QJ. A bet made by a player after having raised on an earlier round, such as in hold'em when a player raises preflop and then bets after the flop.

Remember Your Perceived Range, Too Try and get into your opponent's shoes. Check out our online poker section for details on all the online poker rooms around.

Absolutely.If we c-bet our opponent is not very likely to raise TT or a 2. With A♥ 5♠ on a board of 2♠ T♠ Q♥, against an unknown player in the small blind, majority of the time checking back this board and re-evaluating the turn is perfectly fine.

But I do think that without any other information other than the cards a bet is best here

You Wish to Balance Your Play One Last Thought What do you think? I think so.

Checking back with marginal hands is almost always the way to go. Double Barrelling.For example if a player hits a set with a flush draw on the board, he could make a bet large enough to deny the odds to call with that draw in order to protect his hand.

Unless he verbally declared the When you play poker online it's important to have a strategy and this means knowing the basics such as when to bet, check and fold, as well as more No-Limit poker only really took off once Doyle Brunson and his crew of Texas Road Gamblers introduced the game to Las Vegas casinos. A semi-bluff is a bet made when you can be reasonably certain that your opponent will fold better hands and hands that have better showdown value than yours. Si ricevono 5 carte nel primo turno e poi una carta scoperta per ogni turno fino al completamento delle file (13 carte) “Fantasy”:..

The Continuation Bet (C-bet) | What is a c-bet?

Holdem Depends on how tight the players are. In fact, several reasons can arise in which you shouldn't be c-betting.

This is called a continuation bet. 09-11-2006, 10:39 AM #6 Scott Aigner, M.D.

Learn The continuation bet is one of the frequently used plays in no limit Texas Hold'em. Understanding your opponent Understanding your hand is just one part of the puzzle.Poker & Continuation bet It depends on stack, position and the number of remaining players. 32 Juice Roll Craps

If yous miss the flop will you lead out with a bet or check?So as a general rule, when opponent rarely cbets, we should consider taking the initiative ourselves and leading the flop more frequently. Https:// Continuation Bet (CBET) - Poker Statistics Chapter 6:

  1. A bet from a poker player on the flop who raised pre-flop is known as a continuation bet or simply a c-bet.
  2. Jun 12, 2017 I recently received this question from Sal who asked:We'll also find that when someone cbets multi-way they will often have a much stronger range  than average which makes check/calling and check/raising strategies less effective.
  3. There’s no need to worry about cbet bluffing low flops or any flops that are really co-ordinated too frequently.
  4. Donk betting creates an imbalance in your checking range that even weaker players are going to pick up on.Continuation Betting Should Not Be A Reflex.
  5. OFP:
  6. If it appears the flop is unlikely to have helped you, you should be less inclined to continuation bet.3 Aug 2016 The continuation bet or "c-bet" in no-limit hold'em is a frequently chosen action made by players who have taken the preflop initiative by raising.
  7. Donk-leading into the PFR is the only way to miss out on this information.

If you’re thinking about cbet bluffing this flop the chances are that you are holding a lower pocket pair or undercards, where both of which have a very bleak outlook if you get called and therefore have very little equity in the hand. So when should you not continuation bet?Feedback?

With 30dollar lastlonger bet 0 4th January 2018 7:07 PM Tournament Poker   #2 4th January 2018, 6:57 PM MrSamsa [112] Originally Posted by Andymac37 I see a lot of ppl folding the best hand because the person who originally done a 3bet with say AK flop come J94 and the AK c bets ppl fold. Full Tilt Originally Posted by titiduru A donk bet, from what I understand, is a bet placed or called with the worse hand, but which wins the money because of an unexpected but fortunate turn of events.

A continuation bet takes advantage of the initiative you gain by being the pre-flop aggressor, and carries it over onto the flop. Poker & Continuation bet It depends on stack, position and the number of remaining players. International Poker League

Your opponents will fold;  2.While this strategy may have been profitable a decade ago, online poker has evolved and it is profitable no longer. If you regularly c-bet this type of board, you're regularly flushing money down the drain.

The upsides of the c-bet are obvious:

Some of the sentences are hard to follow. However, we also need to remember to retain strong hands for our check-raise and check-call ranges in order to prevent Villain from overbetting aggressively. Essentially, you need to make sure that you don't become exploitable at the tables therefore mixing up your game is going to keep your opponents guessing and be profitable in the long term.

  • It's about the same as limping into a pot when there is two (no more) others players in the pot.
  • As my opponent's style of play and their position can change my strategy.The board comes down 8♥ 9♠ 4♦, this board isn't great for us but will have hit our opponents range a good amount of the time therefore a c-bet is going to be called too much of the time for us to make a profit.
  • Unless they have an overpair.
  • Even a weaker hand, such as T♦9♥, should be used as a semi-bluffing hand on a board like 8♥7♥5♣.I also prefer to make this play when I am the caller and in response to a continuation bet by a raiser who has position.

What is a continuation bet?

  1. Sorry.
  2. What does a continuation bet achieve?
  3. In the game of poker, the play largely centers on the act of betting, and as such, a protocol has Player C then folds out of turn while Player B is making up their mind.
  4. To bet less extends better calling odds to your opponent and to bet more becomes too costly when you run into an opponent that actually has a hand.1 month ago • 208 Views Social Follow @PokerVIP Useful Links Poker Deals Poker Deals Poker Promotions Poker Staking Skrill VIP Poker Coaching Poker School Poker Arcade Poker Coaching Videos Poker Strategy Articles Personal Poker Coaches Poker Terms Community Poker Theory, Concepts & Discussion Support Lifestyle & Off Topic Line checks/HH Reviews/Stat Analysis My Poker Journey Get Involved VIP System How to Earn Points Badges Useful Links About Us Contact Us FAQ Privacy Policy Founder Contact Us Email Skype WhatsApp Line Telegram Social Media Twitter Facebook Google+ Youtube Instagram Sign Up To Watch More It only takes 1 minute to register and unlock access to unlimited poker videos.
  5. It is also available for each street, i.e.
  6. Against Calling Stations When Not to C-Bet:Continuation betting is done for value, as a bluff, or as a semi-bluff.

This means that we are able to win the pot more than twice as often when Villain caps his checking range.| Beginner Poker Strategy - PokerListings Continuation Betting In Multi-Way Pots | SplitSuit Poker The Continuation Bet (C-bet) | Continuation Bet Sizing - Different Methods of Making C-Bets Continuation Betting for Advanced Players – Thinking Poker The size of our continuation bet as a rule should be between half and the full pot.This strategy can be effective because most players do not like to be donk bet into. Subscribe to thepokerbank When To Continuation Bet - Examples Cbetting Articles: For example, having a single over-card, a backdoor flush draw, or a gutshot straight draw gives you a better chance of winning the hand.Additionally, the big blind will often have many relatively weak hands that called the pre-flop raise due to pot odds.